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Final Post…New Site and Blog Info

August 15th, 2009

Just in case anyone is still following the site or the RSS feed, I’ve decided to kill this blog. RIP.

And out of the ashes arises my newest creation: WoosleyCoaching.com.

Please join me at my new site, subscribe to the feed and newsletter, and hire me for all of your career, personal finance and life coaching needs. Refer your friends. Refer your neighbors. Refer strangers.

Really, is anyone reading this anyway? :)

Thanks for the fun time…see you at the new site.


Relaunch Coming Soon…

November 2nd, 2008

I’ve denied the blogosphere my inputs for long enough…it’s time to start over. Stay tuned!

I’m Back….Kinda

March 20th, 2007

Okay, so it’s been two months since I last posted. Life is busy and such. So here’s a speed-round to catch up:

  • Jack (the new dog) is now Lily Jack. Turns out he is a she.
  • Back pain, flu and sinus infection. Physical therapy, medication and antibiotics.
  • Read several books I need to review here, including QBQ, The Screwtape Letters, The Great Divorce and The Fair Tax Book.
  • Started Winning the Future, Good to Great and The Search for Significance…need to finish and review here.
  • Volunteered for a Newt Gingrich dinner sponsored by the Alabama Policy Institute…got my picture taken with the Speaker and his autograph, plus a very special souvenir…a future post of its own.
  • Still adjusting to being on a local consulting job and sleeping in my own bed every night. Isn’t it strange that that’s strange?
  • Dealing with hundreds of instances of blog comment spam. I guess it means my blog is getting noticed by someone?
  • Started my sixth Financial Peace University Class (visit GazelleIntensity.com)
  • Finished my taxes in February…the earliest I’ve ever done it! Something about getting a huge refund (Adoption Tax Credit) can squash the urge to procrastinate.

And today is the two year anniversary of my departure to Taiwan to pick up Ian. What a trip and what an amazing two years!

More posts and more detail to come shortly I hope…as well as a software upgrade that can hopefully deal with the comment spam better. I hate that stuff (but I filter it so you don’t have to wade through it).

Plodding Along

January 13th, 2007

This week I started running again. Not that I ever really ran that much before, but since I have technically run at least once in the past and also stopped, the statement is true.

I’ve never really liked running alone. Solitude is okay for a nice stroll, but for a run, I need the extra motivation that only another person can bring (aka I don’t want to wimp out as easy).

The pastor of our church, Ed Litton, lives across the street and I’ve often seen him running at night. He’s run a few 10K’s and while not a speed demon (proper reference for a pastor…yeah, I said he’s not), he’s committed to doing it regularly. And since I’m now home every night, I decided to see if he wanted a partner for his outings.

We first ran on Tuesday night. After a half mile walking warm-up, we did another half mile then a mile walk to cool down. Not too impressive, but I’m just starting out again, remember?

Then Thursday he was feeling a cold coming on so skipped out. I didn’t have the energy to go on my own (remember that wimping out thing?), so I skipped too.

I just got back and we turned it up a bit tonight. He was running late, so I figured he had another engagement and just started on my own (say “Wow!”). Again with a half mile warm up walk and half mile run. Just as I finished, he came out of his house and we walked a half mile together. Then we turned it up with a full mile, followed by a mile cool down. (Are you following all the math here or just skimming?)

It was another beautiful night in lower Alabama. The stars were out, and the temp was perfect (mid to upper 50’s) for a run in January.

In addition to great exercise, it’s a great time of fellowship. Not that we only talk about God. We all know that our pastors are real people, but we sometimes forget it and have unrealistic expectations of them. If you have the opportunity, get to know the person who is your pastor. Not only will you gain a friend, but probably some extra insight to the sermon come Sunday morning.

And maybe, just maybe I’ll be ready for a 10K of my own this year!

Note: Comments for this post have been disallowed due to over 200 spam attempts.

One Year Ago Today

January 5th, 2007

I can’t hardly believe it’s been one year since I last flew on an airplane. It isn’t a big deal for most people, but I’m not most people (do I really want to use that line?).

As a travelling management and technology consultant for the past five and a half years, I logged more than half a million miles flying the friendly skies. It started before September 11th and through the aftermath. But last year I got off my last flight in preparation for a new position.

I was still traveling, but by driving 100 miles instead of flying 1000. Still a road warrior, just a bit closer to the Mel Gibson version (wheels on the ground, that is).

Now I mark yet another end and beginning. On Monday, I officially start a job that is just over 50 miles from home. For the first time in almost six years, I’ll be sleeping in my own bed every night. I’ll be able to tuck my kids into bed every night. And I’ll be able to fight with my wife over who owns the remote control every night.

Won’t it be grand!?!

Still, after this much time on the road, it’s going to be a major transition for all of us. I have to give up a lot of late hours at the office and peaceful/quiet nights in hotels/apartments on my own. They’ll have to deal with a husband/father and my view of the world beyond weekends.

Heather will have more help around the house and with the kids. Anna can complain to her dad about doing homework. Ian can fight with dad about going to sleep.

Overall, it’s a good thing. But there will be moments. Maybe I’ll share some on the blog. But I probably won’t.

It’s selfish, I know, but there’s a part of me that’s going to miss the travel and time to myself. It wasn’t glamorous travel, as I rarely did anything but work and sleep. And the time alone was too much at once, often leaving me feeling lonely and longing for home (try walking down the baby aisle in a supermarket when you’re a thousand miles from home).

But I’m a bit of a nomad and a loner. That part of the job fit my personality well.

I’m also a bit of a family man. Can’t imagine being single again. So that’s going to fit me well too.

Gotta run now…I need to carve my name into the back of the TiVo remote before Heather gets home!

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